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Audio Visual Furniture International (AVF) was established in 1996 to fill a niche in the videoconferencing market for affordable, stylish and durable furniture. Since then, AVF has grown to be an industry leader in the videoconference and A/V furniture market by providing excellent products and service at a competitive price.

AVF designs, engineers and produces all of its wooden products. With AVF's large in-stock inventory most orders are shipped either from their U.S. distribution center within 24 to 48 hours of receipt.

Quality Statement
AVF's objective is to provide quality products and service that consistently exceeds customer requirements and expectations. To meet these objectives, AVFI is a strong believer in the continuous improvement process and has empowered its staff to be on constant watch for ways to do things faster, better and at a lower costs. In addition to our continuous improvement programs, AVF also has extensive inspection and quality assurance processes to insure that our customers get the best product possible. The results of our efforts are that AVF produces some of the best products in the industry and has many satisfied customers.
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